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Bugaloo Shrimp and Pogo Sticks

The song “Summer Girls” by LFO has taught me a lot of things. It has mostly taught me that song sucks. Big time. However, I feel that some of the facts should be updated with new facts. I hope you … Continue reading

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Yops’ Opus

What do you do when you have a fun last name and way too many random thoughts/jamz running through your head all of the time? Well, you make a gigantic playlist. I present to you Yops’ Opus. I’ve decided that these words look better next to each other than how they actually sound when you say them out loud. 

The point to Yops’ Opus is a self-controlled experiment where you choose 5 songs a year starting the year you were born. I have no self control so some years have more, some have less. It’s not my fault some years have awesome jamz and others not so much. So here I start with 1981 finishing with 2011 all in a row. I based the song picks on the Billboard Top 100 lists because there really are too many songs out there for me to thoughtfully go through this and also because I’m not Rain Man.

My challenge to you is to do the same thing. It’s pretty fun. If you don’t do that, just listen to my playlist over and over and over. You’ll either love me or hate me. I hope it’s the former.

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Channeling my Psychic Friends Network

A new pal and I were discussing the highs and lows of friendships. Yes, I’m posting a blog about friendship. We were discussing how a good pal not only sticks by your side during the hard times, but also the … Continue reading

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